Friday, July 24, 2009

Update - game #3

Last night I played an 1850 point game against an Ork player who decided to play a different style than he usually does, while I shrunk my list down to the 'basics'.

He had (I think):
Warboss with Nobz & Dok on a trukk
Warboss with Meganobz & possible Dok on a trukk
Flashgitz on a battle wagon with two twin big shootas
Burna boyz on a battle wagon with two twin big shootas, kannon and lobba
Kommandos with Snikrot

I had:
Company command squad with voxcaster
Infantry Platoon 1
- Platoon Command with voxcaster
- 5 combined Infantry squads w/ 5 autocannons, voxcaster, commissar
- Mortar squad
Infantry Platoon 2
- Platoon Command with 2 meltaguns, chimera w/ 2 heavy flamers
- 3 Infantry squads each w/ grenade launcher, chimera w/ multilaser and heavy bolter
Penal legion squad
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ lascannon & plasma cannons
3 Leman Russ MBTs w/ 2 lascannons, heavy bolter & heavy stubber

I again kept my mechanized platoon & penal legion in reserve, my company command on the left behind a building, platoon command to the far right behind a building, combined platoon in the centre on a large hill, basilisk far right, Demolisher to the right of the platoon, and MBT squadron to the left in between two buildings. The flash gitz were in a battle wagon behind a trench opposite the MBTs and platoon; everything else was weighted towards the right with the kommandos in reserve. 5 objectives were on the table, most on the midline, three towards the left side of the table and two on the right.

When I saw his unusual mech style I was worried as I didn't have enough anti-tank - or so I thought. The Leman Russ squadron managed to take out the battle wagon holding the flashgitz, who ran towards the trench later. All the rest of his stuff managed to take out the Basilisk, platoon command squad, and Demolisher at the cost of a destroyed battle wagon, and both big shootas on the trukks destroyed. The penal legion came on racing towards one of the right-side objective, charging a trukk on the way thanks to fleet and furious charge.

The kommandos snukk around the back and charged the combined squad on the second turn, who held out for three turns of combat before defeating them, at the cost of about 30 men. The squad then ran towards an objective to get away from approaching meganobz who were looping around.

The mechanized platoon did the real grunt work, going forward to secure the objectives and keeping the flashgitz pinned down after they shot away the company command in cover. Guard won 4-1 after the nobz had one objective, the infantry & mechanized platoons took three, and the penal legion took one.

So what did I learn? Keep the company command squad hidden, and give them a mortar. Even just in cover they'll take enough casualties to anyone who wants to shoot them. They died pretty easily. The combined infantry squad again took a licking and kept on ticking, take the full brunt of a kommando & Snikrot charge and repelling them. My strategy of deciding which half to fight in by keeping a platoon in reserve and trying to take away his mobility worked for the most part, although I should have worked harder at taking out the trukks. The tanks again did their job of both bait on one side and firepower.

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