Sunday, April 26, 2009

A fluffy regiment

I'm trying to create a good fluffy army for friendly play (tournaments is something else of course) and thinking about what defines the Mordian army. I'll have to read the fluff in the new codex but I'll have to use the old doctrines as a start. Ratlings are of course in, as are Psykers (bringing along a Psyker squad to go with the Ratlings, but not sure about the Primaris). Heavy weapons platoons aren't in, although I could just take more heavy weapons squads; I never took these platoons anyways. Diehards I never took, but Commissars for my combined infantry platoon is a must. Sharpshooters will be represented by orders, nothing too special there. Not sure if I'll stay away from the formerly prohibited units; they could be prohibited on purpose, or just weren't worth the doctrine choice (although Cadians got 7, along with possibly another regiment).

I also want to conform to a more militaristic guideline, follow how a company would actually fight. HQ squad (maybe with a second company command squad for a 2IC), and a couple infantry platoons to start, and then take support in squadrons if possible.


  1. Psyker battle squad plus ratlings= win according to teh interwebs. Combined inf. squads with commissars will almost never break, even in brutal assaults, so that might be a great place to park your heavy weapons.

    As far as actual HWS I would go mortars. They are cheap, effective, and the opponent rarely wants to use shots on them because you have so many harder hitting units out there.

    You might be able to mimic sharpshooters just by using vets, though that of course will lead to more expensive units that you can't blob.

  2. One great thing about the blobbed infantry units is they'll pretty much need to be base to base in order to get that magical 12" rapid fire range for all of them, and to avoid traffic jams for friendly units. Sounds like Close Order Drill to me! Just make sure to take out ordnance fast otherwise it'll be messy.