Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Game Result

Played my first game tonight at 2000 points against Eldar (who's not used to fifth yet and trying new units). He roughly had:

Autarch in a unit of 10 Dire Avengers
Farseer in a unit of 10 Banshees (riding in a Wave Serpent)
2 x 10 Pathfinders
10 Guardians with Eldar Missile Launcher
6 Dire Avengers (riding in a Falcon with Eldar Missile Launcher)
2 Vipers with Eldar Missile Launchers (in a squadron)
2 Fire Prisms

Playing for objectives, I ended up winning sitting on three (he contested one), and he had one. Some observations:

A fifty man unit takes a lot of space on the table, especially in base to base! I had them in cover at the start of the game expecting to be charged, but I managed to either take out or intimidate potential assaulters. They raced up the board to take an objective using "Move, move, move!" multiple times. Took a full hit from a Fire Prism through cover. 27 hits, ended up being 9 kills - not even a fifth of the unit. Feels strangely good that I can shrug off that many kills.

Leman Russ Squadron had trouble getting good targets; there weren't much infantry so they were shooting at armour all game. Didn't kill anything, but it scared the Eldar into not disembarking infantry within range, or being careful where the tanks went.

Psyker Battle Squad couldn't get targets in range to reduce leadership, so I was only able to unleash the template, mostly against squads in cover. Didn't do much.

Mechanised platoon did well, rushing up and around to sit on an objective in cover. Infantry ran into the ruins using Chimeras as mobile cover from sniper fire. Multilasers helped to take down Vipers, but did a lot of shooting at things they couldn't hurt (Pathfinders in ruins, AV 12 vehicles) as there weren't many other options; this was mostly a vehicles vs vehicle fight.

So what did I learn? I need more long-range anti-tank; I had three lascannons and that's it. Many meltas but they were never in range. Some way to take out the skimmers would be nice, but Hydras wouldn't have an additional advantage as he never relied on Skimmer Moving Fast; he was more interested in shooting.


  1. Hydras are still pretty mean against normal targets, I know I'm considering them.

    How did you find dealing with moving a 30-man unit? I can see it being quite a struggle...

  2. I've always liked the idea of Hydras; I wanted to try out the Griffons in this list for a traditional army feel; infantry/armoured/artillery in one list. I had also thought that Hydras would be weak as they're direct fire but my Chimeras and Griffons held up pretty well. Maybe something to consider later on.

    Moving such a large unit was difficult, especially as it was 51 men including commissar! Mostly it was move a couple guys up to where the front of the unit is, move the rest up with a sweep of a hand so they're in a pile, then do the same for running. Then during the opponent's movement phase set them up properly. I can see movement trays coming in handy!

  3. 50 Man units with Stubborn are just going to be impossible to deal with. I am really not sure what GW was thinking there. You are going to need like 225 Bolter shots to kill that if it is in cover. If you assault it you are going to need a ton of attacks and you do not get any advantage for winning the combat by how every many wounds. Is the Commissar an independent character or upgrade character? If he is independent at least you might be able to get him to the edge after a turn or two of response or pile in moves if the guard has not totally packed him in sub base to base spacing.

  4. 50 man units are a mess. Commissars I think are upgrade characters (still don't have the codex) so can't be singled out. They can shrug off mass shooting or ordnance if in cover (combine with Incoming and sit on an objective for more fun). They can take a charge from pretty much anything and survive for a turn. If they charge they get plenty of attacks; if they FRFSRF it just gets disgusting (as a group of Banshees with Farseer found out).

  5. Want to see how your new codex stacks up against my orks? For real this time?