Friday, July 24, 2009

Update - game #3

Last night I played an 1850 point game against an Ork player who decided to play a different style than he usually does, while I shrunk my list down to the 'basics'.

He had (I think):
Warboss with Nobz & Dok on a trukk
Warboss with Meganobz & possible Dok on a trukk
Flashgitz on a battle wagon with two twin big shootas
Burna boyz on a battle wagon with two twin big shootas, kannon and lobba
Kommandos with Snikrot

I had:
Company command squad with voxcaster
Infantry Platoon 1
- Platoon Command with voxcaster
- 5 combined Infantry squads w/ 5 autocannons, voxcaster, commissar
- Mortar squad
Infantry Platoon 2
- Platoon Command with 2 meltaguns, chimera w/ 2 heavy flamers
- 3 Infantry squads each w/ grenade launcher, chimera w/ multilaser and heavy bolter
Penal legion squad
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ lascannon & plasma cannons
3 Leman Russ MBTs w/ 2 lascannons, heavy bolter & heavy stubber

I again kept my mechanized platoon & penal legion in reserve, my company command on the left behind a building, platoon command to the far right behind a building, combined platoon in the centre on a large hill, basilisk far right, Demolisher to the right of the platoon, and MBT squadron to the left in between two buildings. The flash gitz were in a battle wagon behind a trench opposite the MBTs and platoon; everything else was weighted towards the right with the kommandos in reserve. 5 objectives were on the table, most on the midline, three towards the left side of the table and two on the right.

When I saw his unusual mech style I was worried as I didn't have enough anti-tank - or so I thought. The Leman Russ squadron managed to take out the battle wagon holding the flashgitz, who ran towards the trench later. All the rest of his stuff managed to take out the Basilisk, platoon command squad, and Demolisher at the cost of a destroyed battle wagon, and both big shootas on the trukks destroyed. The penal legion came on racing towards one of the right-side objective, charging a trukk on the way thanks to fleet and furious charge.

The kommandos snukk around the back and charged the combined squad on the second turn, who held out for three turns of combat before defeating them, at the cost of about 30 men. The squad then ran towards an objective to get away from approaching meganobz who were looping around.

The mechanized platoon did the real grunt work, going forward to secure the objectives and keeping the flashgitz pinned down after they shot away the company command in cover. Guard won 4-1 after the nobz had one objective, the infantry & mechanized platoons took three, and the penal legion took one.

So what did I learn? Keep the company command squad hidden, and give them a mortar. Even just in cover they'll take enough casualties to anyone who wants to shoot them. They died pretty easily. The combined infantry squad again took a licking and kept on ticking, take the full brunt of a kommando & Snikrot charge and repelling them. My strategy of deciding which half to fight in by keeping a platoon in reserve and trying to take away his mobility worked for the most part, although I should have worked harder at taking out the trukks. The tanks again did their job of both bait on one side and firepower.

Update - game #2

Haven't been able to play much recently. First game about a month ago was a 2500 point match against the same Eldar player as before. We played three turns, then due to how long it was taking we agreed that we would probably tie due to the objectives. I had decided to keep my mechanized platoon in reserve, and it was key to being able to choose where to quickly deploy it on the board. I also tried out the penal legionnaires for the first time, and they were able to come on and charge the rear of a Fire Prism. Managed with the rending to destroy the weapon on it but it flew away.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Game Result

Played my first game tonight at 2000 points against Eldar (who's not used to fifth yet and trying new units). He roughly had:

Autarch in a unit of 10 Dire Avengers
Farseer in a unit of 10 Banshees (riding in a Wave Serpent)
2 x 10 Pathfinders
10 Guardians with Eldar Missile Launcher
6 Dire Avengers (riding in a Falcon with Eldar Missile Launcher)
2 Vipers with Eldar Missile Launchers (in a squadron)
2 Fire Prisms

Playing for objectives, I ended up winning sitting on three (he contested one), and he had one. Some observations:

A fifty man unit takes a lot of space on the table, especially in base to base! I had them in cover at the start of the game expecting to be charged, but I managed to either take out or intimidate potential assaulters. They raced up the board to take an objective using "Move, move, move!" multiple times. Took a full hit from a Fire Prism through cover. 27 hits, ended up being 9 kills - not even a fifth of the unit. Feels strangely good that I can shrug off that many kills.

Leman Russ Squadron had trouble getting good targets; there weren't much infantry so they were shooting at armour all game. Didn't kill anything, but it scared the Eldar into not disembarking infantry within range, or being careful where the tanks went.

Psyker Battle Squad couldn't get targets in range to reduce leadership, so I was only able to unleash the template, mostly against squads in cover. Didn't do much.

Mechanised platoon did well, rushing up and around to sit on an objective in cover. Infantry ran into the ruins using Chimeras as mobile cover from sniper fire. Multilasers helped to take down Vipers, but did a lot of shooting at things they couldn't hurt (Pathfinders in ruins, AV 12 vehicles) as there weren't many other options; this was mostly a vehicles vs vehicle fight.

So what did I learn? I need more long-range anti-tank; I had three lascannons and that's it. Many meltas but they were never in range. Some way to take out the skimmers would be nice, but Hydras wouldn't have an additional advantage as he never relied on Skimmer Moving Fast; he was more interested in shooting.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The trial list

I'd like to set one list and try it out for a few games, and see how it handles different situations, rather than change lists after every game and not quite know how it all works. It'll be a take all comers friendly list. Roughly focused on half offense, and half defense. I still don't have the codex, so some of the things that I don't have point values for aren't taken - this means officers, commissars and sargeants don't have gear.

Company Command Squad w/ 4 Meltaguns (short-range anti-tank; hide behind cover and issue orders then pop out when needed)

Overseer & 5 Psykers (only have 5 psykers now; this will be used in conjunction with the ratlings or mortar squads to pin units)
10 Ratlings

Platoon Command Squad with 2 Flamers
Infantry Squad with Commissar & Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Vox & Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Autocannon (these five squads will join together)
Heavy weapons squad (3 Mortars)
Heavy weapons squad (3 Mortars)
Platoon Command Squad with 4 Grenade Launchers (try to get side/rear shots on armour, or hit bunches of infantry)
Chimera with Multilaser & Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad with Flamer
Chimera with Multilaser & Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad with Flamer
Chimera with Multilaser & Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher with Lascannon & Multimeltas (sit back with infantry and nuke anything that comes near)
Leman Russ Squadron (3 Leman Russ MBTs, 1 with Heavy Bolter & Heavy Stubber, 2 with Lascannons)
Artillery Squadron (3 Griffons)

Scoring units: 7 (assuming the infantry squads are melded)
Kill points: 16 (same)

Mechanised platoon should try to work with the Leman Russ squadron to move upfield towards enemy objectives with the help of the Griffons to clear resistance, while the rest hang back and slowly whittle down assaulters. First test game tomorrow night against Orks, hopefully later this week against Eldar.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A fluffy regiment

I'm trying to create a good fluffy army for friendly play (tournaments is something else of course) and thinking about what defines the Mordian army. I'll have to read the fluff in the new codex but I'll have to use the old doctrines as a start. Ratlings are of course in, as are Psykers (bringing along a Psyker squad to go with the Ratlings, but not sure about the Primaris). Heavy weapons platoons aren't in, although I could just take more heavy weapons squads; I never took these platoons anyways. Diehards I never took, but Commissars for my combined infantry platoon is a must. Sharpshooters will be represented by orders, nothing too special there. Not sure if I'll stay away from the formerly prohibited units; they could be prohibited on purpose, or just weren't worth the doctrine choice (although Cadians got 7, along with possibly another regiment).

I also want to conform to a more militaristic guideline, follow how a company would actually fight. HQ squad (maybe with a second company command squad for a 2IC), and a couple infantry platoons to start, and then take support in squadrons if possible.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been playing with my Guard throughout 4th edition and into 5th, but will be setting up this blog to catalogue how they do with the new codex, what my thoughts are, and how they look.

Officers and men of the Mordian 31st Iron Guard, time for a reorganization!